Verde Short Fonts' Coyote Night Run Recap

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Verde Short Fonts' Coyote Night Run Recap


Post by Frogeye » Mon Oct 27, 2008 7:25 am

Well the run I lead was very fun. Me, NavyFJ, and Lucious E, headed out towards Split Canyon Rd. but instead of turning right onto it we hung a left and shot out into the glorious desert via Palo Verde Wash. It was very dusty at first but once we found the main wash we started to make our way up towards Short wash and over to Fonts' wash. We stopped at Fonts' for a while where we got to look through some real military spec Night Vision Goggles. That was insane! Were there was darkness with your naked eye, you could make out everything with the NVGs! Thank you Jeremy for bringing those along. After our break at Fonts' we headed back out Fonts' and over to Coyote Canyon were we ran into the 10PM Coyote Canyon group lead by FJ Ollie up on top near Sheep canyon.

Coyote is still fun folks :mrgreen: and dare I say funner at night! My group turned around and followed Ollie's group back down were we ran into the 11:30 group on their way up the first part of the garden.

If you haven't tried a night run you should. The desert is very different at night. I almost ran over a jack rabbit, a fox, and a couple of field mice, but thanks to my incredible cat like reflexes no animals were harmed on this run.

Our run was fun and I'm always willing to show people around that area. Too bad we only had 3 rigs but hey, it's cool. Maybe next year more folks will give a night run a try. :D

I forgot to bring my camera, so if you guys took any photos please post them up with your trip report. TY

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