Mojave Road Adventure: Jan 9-11th 2009

Lets plan the early 2008 Mojave Preserve run here. This is not a sanctioned event. Just some freinds meeting on the Mojave Road.
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Re: Mojave Road Adventure: Jan 9-11th 2009


Post by Arkarch » Fri Jan 09, 2009 10:10 pm

BoBoNel wrote:
Arkarch wrote:Looks like I am out.... my CES (Consumer Electronics Show) clients are planning to stay into the weekend and occupy my time. Oh well, they help pay for the hobby. If for some reason they get distracted I'll try to make it down.

(posting here as instructed; and no update)
i hope the whole CRAP issue didnt scare you away. hee hee hee (just kidding)
thanks scott for the link for the rules, etc. good to know. i'll pass that on to the "others". :) burying is better than bagging for sure. :) (i can deal with toilet paper) :)
Heh, no not at all. And I have had the opportunity :o

Actually CES is a crap show this year.... ok, there is the buzz... and its definitely busier than SEMA - but this is an off year. I have tix for a taping of Jeopardy on the show floor tomorrow, so there's something.
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Re: Mojave Road Adventure: Jan 9-11th 2009


Post by gon2srf » Wed Jan 14, 2009 12:48 am



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