"Ollie" (K6JYB) Welcomes You...

When you join, please say hello and introduce yourself here.
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"Ollie" (K6JYB) Welcomes You...


Post by OLLIE » Wed Mar 12, 2008 11:39 pm

Hello... I'm Ollie... No that's not my given name but I answer to it. :P

I love the great outdoors. I'm from Nebraska ("Go Huskers!!!") and I was raised fishing, hunting, camping, etc. When the USMC brought me to sunny California that all went to the wayside. After getting out of the military I bought an FJ-Cruiser (the "BugEater") so I had a means to introduce my son to the great outdoors. The offroad bug grew and eventually an avid wheeler I became.

Some fellow wheelers introduced me to amateur radio and now I have two hobbies. The "BugEater" has now become a mobile radio/communications vehicle. It also is geared for emergency rescue if need be. I'll share more of the "BugEater" with you in a different forum.

DaveK approached a few people, myself being one of them, in mid 2007 about an amatuer radio net that discussed outdoor adventures and, after much discussion, the idea for the Outdoor Adventure USA site was formed.

I fully believe in everything this website is about. Getting the family and friendly involved in the great outdoors with a strong emphasis in amateur radio. We believe it is one of the most valuable tools in your safety arsenal. You can learn about that in other forums on this site.

Check us out and enjoy yourself. Join us on our events and activities. Share your adventures with us. We welcome one and all. :D

K6JYB ("BugEater")
K6JYB-7 (VX-8R)


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Re: "Ollie" (K6JYB) Welcomes You...


Post by kg6mcu » Thu Mar 20, 2008 8:47 pm

Hello All,
I am kg6mcu, (Paul)
I traveled with my parents when I was young and camped in many places from CA to TX to Washington.
I never have done any 4X4 but my brother does alot.
I look forward to seeing this group grow and grow.
I would like to see my tent and bag get some new use soon!
KOA vet
Late Paul E

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Re: "Ollie" (K6JYB) Welcomes You...


Post by DaveK » Thu Mar 20, 2008 10:10 pm


You're in luck. Dust off that bag and tent and we will see that you get a chance to use it. Stay tuned.

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Re: "Ollie" (K6JYB) Welcomes You...


Post by KB6SRT » Fri Mar 21, 2008 8:19 am

Ollie, and all who wander through this posting area- WELCOME.

My name is Mark. I love the great outdoors. I also love my other hobby-Amateur Radio. My cal letters are KB6SRT. They call me SQUISHY. It's short for Squishy Rotten Tomatoes (kb6SRT). I am the Trustee for the Fam-Comm Amateur Radio Association. We are 1 of the groups who supports OAUSA.NET completely. We believe that you can't have an event unless you know you have your communications down to a science.

I started way back when I was 9 years old and my dad introduced me to C.B. radio (Citizen Band) and we talked and played on the radios for years before meeting anyone from the radio. I acquired the handle Little Flash and because my dad was a helicopter pilot for Stanton P.D. he took on the name Chopper.

After 13 years of fun on 11 meters (C.B.) some friends of mine showed me one of their radios that had a keypad on the front of the radio Kenwood 2550. He made a phone call with his radio. Let me repeat-he made a phone call with his radio. That was it for me. I learned he was a ham radio operator and soon after, so was I, and then so was Dad, my uncle Bill, my 3 cousins, my Aunt, two of her friends and years later, so was my fiance.

It was a disease that caught on and we weren't going to back away. 23 years we're still going strong and I have met some really fun people along the way, built some really cool projects and gone with my new friends to some really remote places and taken some really cool pictures. We'll share them on this site over time. Hope you can too!
Mark Christian KB6SRT
Founder / Trustee. - FCARA
Fam-Comm Amateur Radio Assoc.
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Re: "Ollie" (K6JYB) Welcomes You...


Post by Brucek » Fri Mar 21, 2008 2:12 pm

Thank You Ollie for the welcome. This is K6BJK, Bruce, in Torrance Ca. To those who I don't already know me, I enjoy camping, wilderness exploring and offroading in general. I participate in Ham radio activities with the Famcom repeater group and have a dual band in my vehicle as my primary radio. I primarily got into Ham thru the urging of my friend and fellow offroader Dave (K6DTK) as a superior way to maintain trail and emergency comunications. I freely admit that I'm not technicallly adept when it comes to Ham radio however it's a pleasure to be a part of the Ham community and I plan on being actively envolved in the OAUSA Thursday nite Outdor net once we get started. I also volunteer as a trail instructor for Tom Severin at Badlands Offroad Adventures. This has become a wonderfull opportunity for me to become further involved in the sport and I enjoy helping people learn about safe offroading techniques. For many years I was an FAA certified flight instructor and corporate pilot and I still really like passing on information to people who have similar interests. Allow me to welcome not only myself but everyone who choses to become a part of this endeavor. This will be big fun. :D :lol: :) ;)
Bruce K

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Re: "Ollie" (K6JYB) Welcomes You...


Post by BigDave » Fri Mar 21, 2008 7:34 pm

Hi all!!

I'm Dave

I enjoy going out and camping and riding dirtbikes. Right now is the first time in 20 years that I haven't owned a 4x4 but I hope to fix that soon. Until then I ride 2 wheels. My dirt bike is a plated dual sport, so sometimes I ride to where I play off the highway. Or I truck it out, pulling my pop-up tent trailer, or hauling my tent and play in the desert or up in the mountains. I'm a free lance photographer and take care of my grandmother full time, who has a list of difficulties. I recently went down to Mexico and shot the Baja Tecate 250 in San Felipe. It was a pretty cool and I enjoy getting out on the course and sleeping under the stars the night before the races. I am also a recent ham radio operator (Oct.), KI6LYZ. I enjoy getting out and talking with those like minded individuals that enjoy a good time being "out and about". See you on the trails!


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Re: "Ollie" (K6JYB) Welcomes You...


Post by Hardluck » Wed Mar 26, 2008 4:51 pm

Thanks for the welcome Ollie. Just received your pm over at Adventure4x4 and thought I'd check the place out and join. It's amazing what a tight group offroading is. I've posted on forums with most of the people here, Larry at Dirty parts has worked on my truck, I've attending some of Tom's classes, and I've got a subscription to the best magazine ever - Overland Journal.

My name is Ryan. I'm from Simi Valley and am relatively new to the amateur radio scene. I recieved my Technician's license last December after being encouraged to take the test by Ho Chung over at Expedition Exchange and the Adventure4x4 group. I don't yet have a radio, however, I plan on remedying this in the next month or two. My plan is to install a Yaesu 8800R in my 2007 FJ Cruiser.

My FJ is my DD and my means of adventure. It is slightly modded with new mods always in progress. I'm an attorney with two young sons (2yrs and 2mos) so currently I only get out every couple months to take day trips with groups from Adventure4x4 or the Blue forum. My plan is to get out more often now that my wife and I have gotten used to having two sons and also to introduce my sons to offroading and camping when they're a little older.
2007 FJ Cruiser

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Re: "Ollie" (K6JYB) Welcomes You...


Post by cowboy4x4 » Wed Mar 26, 2008 5:49 pm

Hello Everyone
My name is Thomas or cowboy4x4or KI6OBK, Im on several sites. I'm sure most of you have seen me there if not then .....I love offroading I just recently got my ham lic. but dont have a radio yet. I also have a business doing custom offroad fabrication or anything else, OverlandXT is the name of my company hopefully I'll see some of you out on the trail.....Thomas

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Re: "Ollie" (K6JYB) Welcomes You...


Post by ki6kui » Thu Mar 27, 2008 3:56 pm

Hi everyone,

My name is Ken, and the last time I went offroading was with a friend in his GMC 4x4 near Lake Matthews about 20 years ago. It was after a good rain and we got stuck in the mud up to the doors. We had to be towed out.

Since then, my outdoor activity has been with my family using a trailer for camping. The kids love to hike in the national parks and learn about what is around them.

I don't own a 4x4 or any offroad vehicle, and I'm not sure I want to let the kids get on one. I don't know. Maybe Tom will show us how to make it safe enough to change my mind.

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Re: "Ollie" (K6JYB) Welcomes You...


Post by DaveK » Thu Mar 27, 2008 9:16 pm

ki6kui wrote:Maybe Tom will show us how to make it safe enough to change my mind.


HEY!!! What about Ollie and me!

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