Kenwood D710 vs. Carputer (and some other radio)

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Re: Kenwood D710 vs. Carputer (and some other radio)


Post by cruiserlarry » Wed Nov 04, 2009 8:38 pm

sdnative wrote:
cruiserlarry wrote:the Kenwood allows you to transmit on 2 meter while running APRS on the other band; This is a big deal, since when APRS is running, transmitting on 2 meter could damage most other radios, as they do not isolate the receive / transmission circuits when using the same band, which could reduce sensitivity or damage the radio over time.
I am not following you here. Can you elaborate? I believe most if not all modern dual banders mute the sub-band while the main is transmitting.
I just realized I explained the problem backwards...Actually the issue came up for me because I have an FT857D in the FJ, too, and was using it to work APRS while transmitting 2 meter on the Yaesu FTM10R. The 2 meter transmission was overloading the APRS receive circuit on the FT 857D, which could eventually burn it out or greatly reduce it's receive sensitivity. So, I needed a dual band radio that could isolate each band, and not use the 857 for APRS - perfect job for the Kenwood, as it had TNC built in, allowing me to rid the vehicle of the additional componentry and let me use APRS and 2 meter transmission capability at the same time...

Sorry for the confusion - I think my transmit circuit got damaged trying to explain it.... :lol:
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Re: Kenwood D710 vs. Carputer (and some other radio)


Post by sdnative » Wed Nov 04, 2009 11:45 pm

I see now. You are talking about using two radios. I too have a bad desensing problem when I key up my HT and the mobile is on a nearby frequency. You're right, too close and you could damage the receiver of the other radio. There could even be issues between vehicles in a group, if one is transmitting on a high power setting. I always make sure everyone in the group is at 5W or less, and back off a ways if someone needs to transmit at high power.

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