My APRS on the Cheap!

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My APRS on the Cheap!


Post by DennisDawg » Fri Jan 07, 2011 6:39 pm

OK, I got into the APRA stuff but am working on something “backpackable” as we as “vehicle-able” while just running stuff where I can. So, I have HTs! I have GPSes! So, I only needs a few things to make it all work and spent very little, Maybe 120 bucks on it using what I already had.

Here is what I made work (pretty easy):
  1. Yaesu FT-250r 2 Meter (had this already)
  2. OpenTracker+
  3. Garmin 60Csx GPS (had this already)
  4. Comet M-25S Antenna
Plus a fee cables here and there to make it work in the truck. But, I also want to take it in the backpack or daypack. When hiking with it I can use a Diamond SRH77CA Antenna (that I have used with the radio for some time). I will try this set up (OpenTracker+ powered by a 9volt) tomorrow on a quick trip up Gilman Peak.

I also have an old Garmin Ledged (the old no color display blue kind). It works find as the GPS. I have a second FT-250r so I might get another OpenTracker+ and have to portable rigs.

With either GPS (Ledgend or 60CSx) the set up will receive and display on the GPS other APRS users around me. In town it works great. Out and about, I’ll see on trips over the next few months.

I had to get the M-24S because the handheld just didn’t send and receive data well without an external antenna. I won’t be tracking or be tracked most of the time, so it won’t be on the truck much.

All in all a cheap way to go and my mobile is still free for regular use. I need to get my configuration on the OpenTracker+ squared away and will do that tonight and test on the hill tomorrow.

Woo hoo! I am happy.

Bad cell phone picture attached . . .
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Re: My APRS on the Cheap!


Post by OLLIE » Sat Jan 08, 2011 10:50 am

Very nice. Let us know how it works. Can you show us a schemitic of how you wired it?

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