Not my mistakes... but good reminders.

We've all made our mistakes when on the trail. Here's where you fess up to it and share those mistakes with us. It happens to all of us. Don't be shy.
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If you've made that mistake or had a nasty breakdown, share it with us here. Tell us how you got into and out of your fiasco so maybe the rest of us can learn from your mistakes. It's happened to all of us. Don't be shy. :)
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Not my mistakes... but good reminders.


Post by traveltoad » Sun Jun 23, 2013 9:32 pm

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Re: Not my mistakes... but good reminders.


Post by DRX350 » Tue Aug 20, 2013 8:09 am

Never skimp on recovery gear!

A few years ago, I bought a cheapy tow strap, figuring "oh, it's okay, my rig only weighs 3000 loaded...". The chinese strap was rated for 7,000 pounds, they must have a different pound out there, because as soon as I got stuck and my buddy with his F150 hooked me the actual hook broke and whipped back against my car!

I nearly messed myself, it sounded like my axle ripped out! Well, after taking a look, it made a nice baseball sized dent in the tailgate and a cracked bumper; a reminder to spend when worth it, now I use a 5/8" Kevlar core rope, breaking strength of 12,000, great abrasion resistance, and NO connectors!

(I'll try to find and post a pic later on)
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Re: Not my mistakes... but good reminders.


Post by hmfigueroa » Tue Aug 20, 2013 9:37 am

Anything with a hook should never be used for a stuck. That is a tow strap used for pulling something on a relatively smooth surface.

for a stuck, you should use a recovery strap or a Kerr device. They will never have a hook on the end. A dynamic recovery is accomplished with incredible forces requiring secure attachment. Hooks even with a latch arrangement are not up to the task.

Always know the capabilities and specifications of recovery equipment used. The weakest link should be the strap or rope, not the attachment points.

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Re: Not my mistakes... but good reminders.


Post by BorregoWrangler » Tue Aug 20, 2013 11:46 am

Yep, and never attach two recovery straps together with a shackle... I was stupid in my younger days...
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