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OAUSA Fest Event Vehicle Inspection List


Post by OAUSA Board Members » Wed Aug 25, 2010 11:40 am

As noted in the Fest Event Rules posted in this forum, we plan to begin implementing a basic vehicle inspection for our Fest events. The goal is not to get carried away, but just to run through a simple checklist to ensure vehicles meet basic safety requirements, that a bare minimum of safety and recovery equipment is carried, and that the driver is properly licensed, the vehicle registered and insurance is carried. We've based our inspection list on the criteria used by the California Association of 4WD Clubs. The checklist items are listed below.

We hope that everyone will take this seriously and recognize that this process will help ensure their own safety as well as the safety of others at the event, and as a result will prepare their vehicles to pass the inspection. However, since this will be the first time for vehicle inspections we will exercise some judgment and may allow some exceptions for non-critical items the first time around only. The exception to this will be that we will require that all those leading or tailgunning a run pass the full vehicle inspection. By the time we get to BorregoFest in October expect that vehicles that don't pass will not be able to participate in the runs.

The items that we believe are critical are as follows. You will need to show us a valid driver's license, vehicle registration, and proof of insurance. We'll also be looking carefully at those inspection items that are important to ensure your vehicle is basically safe - good tires, seat belts, proper exhaust, properly installed batteries, and so forth. Finally, we'll be looking for good spare tires, tools to change tires and vehicle recovery points. We want to make sure you can make it through the run, and if there is a need we can get your vehicle unstuck. If you don't have a fire extinguisher, a recovery strap or a first aid kit, we highly recommend you get them. These are on everyone's list of basic wheeling equipment. But for SummerFest we'll let you go on these items with a warning so to speak.

We plan to perform inspections when you check in.

Thanks is advance for everyone's cooperation.

Vehicle Inspection Items
1. Roll cage or full cage or factory installed hard top
2. Functional parking brake: Brake must hold vehicle at stop while in gear with engine running
3. Batteries properly mounted within vehicle
4. All tires including spare must have adequate tread remaining
5. Adequate recovery attachment points front and rear, i.e. receiver, tow hooks, etc.
6. Spare tire: Properly inflated and within 3” of diameter of tires on vehicle; no temporary spares
7. Jack capable of lifting vehicle & tools to remove lug nuts
8. Recovery Strap
9. First Aid Kit
10. Properly mounted fire extinguisher with gauge showing good
11. Antennas must not exceed 4’ 6”
12. Seat belts for all passengers to be worn by all passengers at all times, on or off road.
13. Approved exhaust system, no open headers
14. Functioning Lights: Headlights, Brake, Turn Signals, Tail Lights

Driver Requirements
1. Valid drivers license
2. Proof of Insurance
3. Valid vehicle registration
4. Adventure Pass (where required)
Every Thursday night at 7:30pm PST

146.385+ PL: 146.2 Keller Peak (Echolink Equipped)
146.610- PL: 103.5 Sierra Peak
445.760- PL: 156.7 Sierra Peak


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