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2010 BorregoFest - Need to Know Info


Post by OLLIE » Sat Oct 16, 2010 6:41 am

BorregoFest is rapidly approaching. We are all anxiously waiting for this time to arrive so we can spend some time having fun in the desert. To make sure things go smoothly I want to ensure we’re all on the same page and know what to expect for the event weekend.

I have attached a map below showing the campground and where headquarters and group camp for the event is located. When you are to Stagecoach Trails you DO NOT need to check into the office. Drive right through the gate and back to the campground headquarters (marked yellow with an “H” on the map below). At that time we will check you off the list, perform your vehicle inspection, sign waivers, and find a place for you to make camp. Those areas marked “red” in the group area are those reserved for the few RV’s we have coming in. The areas marked in "green” are the areas set aside to set up tents and the pop-ups. There is also a box with an “F” in it indicating the fire pit and another box with a “B” in it marking where there are currently some picnic tables and benches setting in a big group. Upon checking in, we will give you a tag to hang from your mirror. That tag is verification that you belong there, have checked in, and allows access to and from the campground without hassle from the campground staff as well as indicates whether you are a day use rig (other accommodations) or a group camper. Please keep your speed down when driving in the campground. The campground management lives in RV’s throughout the campground and they are all watching. Please help us stay in their good graces.

We will try to ensure that there is someone there to get you checked in at all times. However, in the event that there is not someone there, keep an eye out for one of the following individuals to get you checked in. If you haven't met us ask around and someone will point us out.

OLLIE (Ollie)
DaveK (Dave)
cruiserlarry (Larry)
toms (Tom)

NOTE: We do not expect you to just sit there and wait for us if we aren’t present. Go ahead and find a spot anywhere in the green shaded area if you are not an RV, but keep in mind that you aren’t the only ones that have to set up camp. We don’t want people packed in like sardines but we want to make room for everyone as well. Grab one of us when we return and we’ll get you checked in. Those of you with RV’s were there last year. Use the same spots you used last year. They are the ones marked in “red” on the map.

All of our runs are set up to either top off your tanks prior to or just after each run, in some cases both. You can bring extra fuel to have at the campsite if you want; however, the runs have been planned to give fuel up options at one of these places listed below.

Julian - 15 miles (Junction of Hwy 78 and Hwy 79)
Borrego Springs – 23 miles
Blu Inn - 31 miles (Hwy 78 at Ocotillo Wells)
Ocotillo - 43 miles (Junction of I-8 and S-2)

COMMUNICATIONS (Event General Comms Freqs):
We will initially use Simplex 147.510 for general comms and the Laguna repeater (147.150+ PL: 107.2)

1. If you have the means, please bring firewood for the fire. The bonfire pit is a large one and what is camping without a good fire? Even if you have other accommodations and want to hang around the fire for awhile we encourage you to bring some wood to pitch into the fire.

2. We will be having a small raffle at the potluck. You get one ticket with your donation and you can purchase one additional ticket for $10.00. For those with “other accommodations” you can purchase one ticket for $20.00.

3. There are a few T-shirts left from last year’s event. We will have those for sale at the event as long as they last. The T-shirts are $20.00 each.

NOTE: All proceeds from these donations go to OAUSA annual operating expenses and taxes. The Board of Directors cover the remainder of the expenses to keep the site going out of their pockets. The Fest events are what we use to help supplement those expenses.

We are looking forward to this year’s event. It is always a great desert season opener. We look forward to seeing you all out there. If you have any questions at all please speak up so we can get them out of the way and make it as smooth of an event as possible.
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Stagecoach Trails Map
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