OAUSA Fest Event Participant Rules

We'll plan the 2011 BorregoFest event here. Threads will be started as we get closer to the event. This event will include an Amateur Radio testing session.
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OAUSA Fest Event Participant Rules


Post by OLLIE » Sat Aug 13, 2011 5:39 am

As we grow and mature as an organization the Board has decided to formally establish these rules for our Fest events. Most of these are aimed and trying to ensure we continue to have safe events for all involved, and are not very different from the informal expectations we've had in the past.

1. No driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

2. Participants must obey all traffic laws and other regulations of the local jurisdiction or land management agency at all times, including the use of seat belts.

3. OAUSA LLC volunteers will help organize and facilitate the activities and runs but cannot guarantee the safety of the participants. All participants are responsible for evaluating the capabilities of their vehicle as well as their own abilities as drivers or participants.

4. All participants must behave in accordance with the principles of Tread Lightly.

5. All participants must provide a completed OAUSA LLC Release of Liability form prior to participating in any event.

6. All participants in OAUSA LLC wheeling events must pass a vehicle inspection. The decision about whether a vehicle passes or fails the inspection will be made solely by OAUSA LLC staff and is final.

7. Participants in wheeling events must show valid drivers license, current registration and proof of insurance prior to taking part in the run.

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