Borrego Fest 2011 Important Information

We'll plan the 2011 BorregoFest event here. Threads will be started as we get closer to the event. This event will include an Amateur Radio testing session.
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Borrego Fest 2011 Important Information


Post by OAUSA Board Members » Fri Oct 14, 2011 7:25 pm

Outdoor Adventure BorregoFest 2011 is fast approaching, and we want to make sure that those who are attending have a great time. For many reasons, this year is turning out to be quite different – the economy, fuel prices, job situations, etc., have affected us all, especially financially.

This year, as in previous years, OAUSA depends on the donations from this event, and SummerFest, to help it stay in operation. Campsite fees, taxes, website expenses all add up, and OAUSA is comprised of a completely volunteer, unpaid staff. We have done our best to keep the fees reasonable, and ask that all who can, please join us at Stage Coach Trails to help support OAUSA. BorregoFest, with it’s group camping, is to promote a feeling of camaraderie among the members, and create an opportunity for those who many not know each other to share in the event face to face, as well as contribute to the future of Outdoor Adventure USA.

One of the highlights of our BorregoFest event has been the potluck dinner. This was due in part to the huge turn out for the event, and the equally large number of people who volunteered to bring a variety of dishes. This year, many people have decided to camp at locations other than the Stage Coach Trails location, and we are not seeing the type of offerings that would make for a balanced dinner (we are a bit light on main dishes and too heavy on deserts).

Since BorregoFest is about two weeks away, we need to make sure that the potluck is as good as circumstances permit, and we are asking for the cooperation of everyone attending to help make this potluck a success:

1. If you are signed up and have paid to camp at Stage Coach Trails, we will contact you directly to coordinate pot luck contributions.

2. If you are camping elsewhere, and would like to participate in the potluck, you will need to let us know what dish you will be bringing. In addition, there is always a need for beverages, paper goods, utensils, firewood, etc. We would also ask you to consider making a monetary contribution to help OAUSA offset the campground expenses.

As in years past, we will be doing a raffle at the campground. To be fair, only those who have paid to participate for the weekend at Stage Coach Trails will be eligible to participate in the raffle. Upon confirmation of payment, you will be issued one raffle ticket, and will be able to purchase additional tickets, prior to the drawing.
Every Thursday night at 7:30pm PST

146.385+ PL: 146.2 Keller Peak (Echolink Equipped)
146.610- PL: 103.5 Sierra Peak
445.760- PL: 156.7 Sierra Peak


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