PLEASE READ!!! What To Expect

We'll plan the 2011 BorregoFest event here. Threads will be started as we get closer to the event. This event will include an Amateur Radio testing session.
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PLEASE READ!!! What To Expect


Post by OLLIE » Wed Oct 19, 2011 9:46 am

We’re looking forward to a great weekend in the desert with all of you. There are just a few things we want to go over so you know what to expect during the event.

EVENT STAFF (People to look for if you have questions or concerns.):
OLLIE (Silver FJ Cruiser with “Outdoor Adventure USA” on the side and hood)
DaveK (Dark Green H2)
Cruiserlarry (Obnoxious Yellow FJ Cruiser with Gobi Rack and Roof Top Tent)
TomS (Red 80’s Series Landcruiser)

When you arrive at Stagecoach Trails please DO NOT check in at the main office. Drive through the gate and proceed to the group RV campsite as identified by the map on the campsite thread. Please be mindful of your speed. Speed limits are strictly enforced. If you arrive before 12:00 pm on Friday we will not be ready to check you in. I plan at arriving just after 10:00 am so I can get registration set up and identify the RV only campsites and get headquarters set up.

For those of you bringing your RV’s or that have paid for RV sites, the plan is to have you use the same spots you used last year which are on the south side of the group campsite.

I will be setting registration up at the south east corner of camp along with an Outdoor Adventure USA banner. Upon arriving at camp stop and a designee will get you checked in. If you arrive at an odd time like mid-day Saturday or later Friday, etc. we will have someone on site at all times to get you checked in and let you know the spots that are OK to set up camp. We are only allowed to camp in certain spots. In years past we have had people set up in spots that were not reserved for us and Stagecoach Management let it slide. We want to maintain our good standing with Stagecoach so please indulge us and help us out with this. If the registration designee has to leave, it will be announced over a bullhorn as to who is the replacement designee for registration is. If you are already set up and see someone looking for a designee please give them the last name you heard on the bullhorn.

DO NOT build your own individual bonfires at your tents. The only allowed place to make a bonfire is in the established bonfire pit.

Please check to see what time your runs are scheduled to meet and be there on time. There will be a driver meeting before each run and runs will leave on time. We have planned the runs to be back at certain times so everyone can enjoy the potluck and have time to prepare for the potluck or other activities. On Friday, the later the run leaves the shorter the time we’ll be able to spend exploring the caves. We want to get back in time to enjoy Diana Lindsay’s presentation.

There may be an impromptu night run on Saturday night after the potluck to Rodriguez Canyon. I have to check some things out and make sure it’s open. There was a fire in that area and I need to verify that access is permitted. I’ll let everyone know on Saturday once I’ve checked things out.

Please post up if you have any other questions...

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