OAUSA Amateur Radio Net Schedule

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OAUSA Amateur Radio Net Schedule


Post by DaveK » Tue Dec 12, 2017 9:02 pm

Welcome to the OAUSA Amateur Radio Net schedule. This post will be used as the most up to date schedule for the nets. Various scheduling conflicts, family, employment, or other issues may alter the subject or timing of a few nets, but we will stick to this schedule as much as possible.

Join our on-air discussion every Thursday evening at 7:30 PDT (we observe Daylight Saving Time).

2018 OAUSA Net Schedule

10/04/18 - No Net, Borrego Fest Week
10/11/18 - Borrego Fest Wrap-Up
10/18/18 - Cold Weather Camping I
10/25/18 - Cold Weather Camping II
11/01/18 - Vehicle Maintenance
11/08/18 - Shooting, Hunting, and Firearms Gear
11/15/18 - Edged Implements (knives, axes, machetes, hatchets, etc.)
11/22/18 - No Net, Thanksgiving
11/29/18 - No Net - Repeater Down due to Lightening Strike
12/06/18 - Obtaining Your CCW (concealed firearm permit)
12/13/18 -Outdoor Medicine - Winter Issues
12/20/18 - Christmas Gifts for the Outdoorsman
12/27/18 - No Net, Christmas Week
01/03/19 - No Net, New Year's Week


We frequently add new repeaters to the nets. If you would like for us to include your favorite, let us know the repeater's ID, including location, call sign and IRLP node number, if available. We will work with the repeater owners/operators to obtain permission, if possible, to run the nets on their system.

If you or your repeater have an IRLP Node and would like to join our nets, you may do so by connecting to the Western Reflector at node 9251.

At the current time, you can listen to our nets on the following repeaters:

1. Portland W7RAT - 440.4000 123.0 (-) (covers the greater Portland, Oregon area)
2. Keller KE6TZG - 146.385 PL 146.2 (-) (covers most of Southern California from San Diego to LA and east toward Victorville)
3. Las Vegas N7ARR - 447.000 123(-) (Covers the greater Las Vegas, Nevada Area)
4. Palomar W6ZN - 449.300 100.00 PL (-) (Covers most of San Diego County, California)
5. Denver N0PQV - 146.340,103.5, (-) (Covers the greater Denver. Colorado area)
6. Temecula, California AG6IF

You may also listen to the nets by the following means:

1. Echolink. Listen through the World Conference. When in Echolink search for:
    *WORLD* "IRLP REF 9251
2. IRLP Node 9251 (Western Reflector)

3. On this website Home Page (http://www.oausa.net). Click the "Listen to Nets" tab at the top of the page, (Note: listen only)

Please post your comments, suggestions or questions here. If you have net topics that you would like to hear, please let us know. Once we have responded to posts here, we will delete them to keep this post open for additional comments.

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