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Re: Field Day 2013 Review

Posted: Thu Jul 11, 2013 9:50 am
by brentbba
Crismateski wrote:
brentbba wrote:HELP - who had the triangular cast iron base for dutch oven coals? I do not remember where you said you'd sourced it. My old $5 Walmart grill base for my dutch oven is shot and they don't carry that little thing any least my local one doesn't stock it. Too bad - it was a great little solution. I think it was Stagecoach or something like that. TIA!!!
I am not the one who had it, but this is the place Scroll down a little bit. If you check the rest of the site they have a fair amount of Dutch oven acc.
Stagecoach, chuckwagon - same era, right? :roll: