What To Do When You Arrive At Camp - 2015 Borrego Fest

Here is where we'll plan our annual Borrego Fest event, including Amateur Radio testing, wheeling, camping, and gourmet dining in the desert.
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What To Do When You Arrive At Camp - 2015 Borrego Fest


Post by DaveK » Sat Sep 05, 2015 10:26 pm

We’re looking forward to a great weekend in the desert with everyone. There are just a few things we want to go over so you know what to expect during the event.

F (People to look for if you have questions or concerns.):
DaveK (Dark Green Hummer)
Cruiserlarry (Yellow FJ Cruiser with Gobi Rack and Roof Top Tent)
TomS (Red 80’s Series Landcruiser)

When you arrive at Butterfield Ranch, please DO NOT check in at the main office. Drive into the camp ground and proceed to the group campsite as identified by the map on the campsite thread. Once you turn into the parking lot you will make a right hand turn and drive past an old fire truck. Keep going just beyond the wooden cabins on your left and make a left hand turn. The cabins will be on your left hand side on that road. Drive to the swimming pool (on your left) and you will see headquarters right in front of you across the road from the pool. Please be mindful of your speed. Speed limits are strictly enforced. If you arrive before 10:00 am on Friday we will not be ready to check you in. We plan on arriving just after 9:00 AM on Friday so we can get registration set up and identify the campsites and get headquarters set up.

We will be setting registration up right across the street from the swimming pool in an area marked with an Outdoor Adventure USA banner. Upon arriving at camp, stop here and we will get you checked in. If you arrive at camp when we are not available for check-ins, locate a campsite which has yellow tape on the campsite post and set up your camp. We are only allowed to camp in certain areas and we have marked them with this yellow tape. In years past we have had people set up in spots that were not reserved for us and Campsite Management wasn't too pleased. We want to maintain our good standing with Butterfield, so please indulge us and help us out.

DO NOT build your own individual fires at your campsite unless there is a fire pit at that spot. Campfires are only allowed in the established fire pits. With fire season in full swing, there may be additional fire restrictions, so please check with us for any updates, before you start your fire.


Please check to see what time your runs are scheduled to meet and be there on time. There will be a driver meeting before each run and runs will leave on time. In order to help each run stay on schedule, there will be some early opportunities (on Friday) to complete your paperwork and vehicle inspection. We have planned the runs to be back at certain times so everyone can enjoy and prepare for the potluck or other activities. On Friday, we want to get back in time to attend our special presentation.

Please post up if you have any questions...............

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