Calcite Mine Run - Saturday 08, 2016

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Calcite Mine Run - Saturday 08, 2016


Post by toms » Sat Sep 17, 2016 4:39 am

Calcite Mine - Saturday October 08.2016
For a brief period at the start of America’s involvement in World War Two, this area was heavily mined for its high-grade calcite, a mineral then used to make bomb sights. This approximately 4-mile long road follows an old mining road into the Santa Rosa Mountains, crossing a narrow ravine with slot canyons

Lead: Tom Severin
Tail Gunner: TBD
Comms Designee: Tom Severin
Difficulty: High end of the Blue Range - could be difficult
Meeting Time: 7:30 am
Meeting Place: Butterfield RV Ranch Resort Group Campsite
Departure Time: 8:00 am
2M Simplex: 146.460
2M Repeater: Monument 147.240 (+) PL: 103.5
FRS 4 PL 4

Format for sign up
Name, Vehicle (FJ, JK, TJ, Land Cruiser …), OAUSA Screen Name, Ham Call sign

Signed Up:
Name Call Sign Vehicle
1. Tom – Land Cruiser – Toms – KI6FHA
2. Phil - FJ Cruiser - Voodoo Blue 57 - W6PET

This can be difficult in places.

We will meet at camp grounds at 7:30 Saturday morning. Each vehicle needs a vehicle inspection and all drivers and passengers must complete a waiver of liability. Have sufficient gas for the trip and bring a lunch.
The plan is to travel to the Calcite Mine. This is trail is a dead end. So we will go up, possibly have lunch and come back down. It is steep ups and downs, and some tight turns,, and lots of ruts and cross axle situations. Some potential spots to get high centered. This is a tough road up to the mine. You need 4WD low & high clearance and lots of flex. But don't worry we will get you through.
We can fuel up either on the way or on the way back (or both). It is at least an hour on pavement from our camp site.

Reply to this post with your name, rig, and call sign if you have one to sign up. See format above.
See you on the Trail!

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Re: Calcite Mine Run - Saturday 08, 2016


Post by Voodoo Blue 57 » Thu Sep 29, 2016 8:59 pm

Tom, put me on the list. Looks like I'm the first.

Phil - got you on the list.
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Re: Calcite Mine Run - Saturday 08, 2016


Post by DaveK » Tue Oct 11, 2016 11:17 am

Thanks to all who attended. The weekend was a complete success. We've locked this thread and are directing all comments here: viewtopic.php?f=205&t=4005.

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