Plan here for the multi-day expedition to some of the most spectacular country in the world. Not an Outdoor Adventure USA sanctioned trip.
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Post by DaveK » Tue Jan 30, 2018 4:44 pm


Maps of the areas we will visit will be a very important topic. While most of us will be using some form of electronic navigation, whether computer, GPS or otherwise, EVERYONE should be carrying a "paper" map. And, just as important, everyone should know how to read a map and be able to locate positions on the map using GPS coordinates. The area we will visit is exceptionally remote, and getting lost can have disastrous consequences.

NOTE: I will be providing other mapping information and GPX files at a later date.

I will be providing a complete route for the trip and it would be wise for everyone to highlight it on a map and make it known to concerned family and/or friends. Usually, the best maps do not come from the BLM (or the managing agency), but our area is an exception. In this case. the BLM offers one of the very finest "paper" maps I've yet to experience, bar none!!!

The official current name for the area we will visit is the Grand Canyon Parashant National Monument, but it has been known for many years, before the Monument, as the Arizona Strip. The BLM makes a map for the Strip which covers the entire area and it is fantastic!!! The map is huge (but it folds to the size of a regular map) and is printed on waterproof plastic. It is available on line through the Dixie/Arizona Strip Interpretive Association for $12.00, here: ... sitor-map/.

This is what they say:
Most comprehensive map of this fascinating, remote part of Arizona accessed by mostly primitive roads off of the state highways. Differentiates between public and private land north of the Grand Canyon to the Utah border, and also among the various agencies who manage the public lands. Includes Grand Canyon National Park, Vermilion Cliffs and Grand Canyon-Parashant National Monuments. Nearest town is St. George UT.

Scenic driving, camping, hiking, biking, fishing (where available),hunting, and OHV riding where permitted.
Here is what it looks like:
BLM Map=2.jpg
BLM Map=2.jpg (36.54 KiB) Viewed 415 times

Also, I recommend that you obtain the usual National Park Service pamphlet which looks something like this.

National Park Service Pamphlet.jpg
National Park Service Pamphlet.jpg (266.55 KiB) Viewed 415 times

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Post by JumpingCholla » Fri Feb 02, 2018 11:51 pm

An electronic (PDF) version of the BLM map is available here: BLM Arizona Strip West Half BLM Arizona Strip East Half

This map is also available free in the Avenza Maps app available on both iOS and Android, referred to as WEST - Arizona Strip Visitor Map and EAST - Arizona Strip Visitor Map.

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