PC Navigation Software?

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PC Navigation Software?


Post by NotAMog » Fri Apr 18, 2008 8:52 pm

Has anyone done a comparison between Delorme Topo USA and the National Geographic Topo packages? I've been using Delorme mapping software for years. Last year at Panamint Valley Days I ran across a couple of folks using the National Geographic software. They said that all of the trails we drove were shown on their maps where many of them were not on my Delorme Topo USA maps. I'd be interested in hearing experiences from others running these software packages.
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Re: PC Navigation Software?


Post by DaveK » Fri Apr 18, 2008 11:02 pm

Hey NotAMog:


I've been using the Nat Geo. Topo! program for years. IMO it is the best mapping software and for a good reason. NG simply took the USGS (United States Geologic Survey) topo maps and pieced them together in their state series. The USGS maps were done by the Federal Government for the purpose of creating exceptionally accurate maps of the US. Your tax dollars helped to fund this process and the result is a set of maps that are certainly some the very best available, if not the best. Fact of the matter, most of the other mapping software programs are just relying on the USGS maps to make or help make their maps. Not one of the mapping software makers has the resources that can match that of the US government. Admittedly, these maps are not necessarily geared toward city driving, but thats why we have the Auto Club. If navigating city streets is what you need, there are several excellent street programs available.

I run Garmin's Topo in my GPS and it's good, but when I need to get a closer and better view of the terrain, I look at the PC in my truck which is running the USGS maps. The NG program allows live tracking of your vehicle on a topo map.

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