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For You Outdoor Adventuring Musicians


Post by OLLIE » Mon Nov 30, 2009 2:43 pm

Some of us like to listen to or play music around the campfire when the mood suits us. I have been getting into playing the guitar again and often times just put my acoustic in my truck to play if I got the chance or the interest in doing so. The acoustic takes a lot of space up in the rig and I really didn't want it damaged. I was looking for something to use that was more compact and less suseptable to being damaged. About six months ago I found what I looking for and bought one that suited me. It's called a Traveler Guitar. What an amazing little guitar this has turned out to be for me. It is made of quality components, holds tune very well, and sounds wonderful. For my interests I bought the Escape EG-1 model with a maroon body. They sell everything from electric base guitars to nylon acoustics. My Escape EG-1 allows me the option of plugging in a headset (1/8" stereo jack) to play for myself or plug into a aux port on a car stereo to use the vehicle as an amplifier. It also allows you to plus in the standard 1/4" mono cord for a piggyback amp or regular amp. There's a switch on the guitar that activates their trademark Pocket Rock-It equalizer that gives you a selection from OFF, CLEAN, and DISTORT. I practice and tinker around with this thing at lunch and breaks at work or when I'm just setting in my truck waiting for things.

Heres the link to the website:

BTW: Traveler Guitar is not a vendor on OAUSA and I am not getting any money out of this; I know a few of you are into guitars and thought you might like to see this. :)

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