Creature comforts - coffee?

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Re: Creature comforts - coffee?


Post by gon2srf » Fri Jul 15, 2011 8:16 pm

NotAMog wrote:As they say in Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy - "Pleasure to be of service!"

The credit for finding the Mukka Express goes to someone I met on one of Tom's Badlands trips. For years I had been using a cheap stove top espresso maker for camping. It made one cup of very strong coffee and I was happy although I prefer a cappuccino or latte since they are less harsh. I thought the Mukka Express was really cool the first time I saw it. I wasn't in a hurry to find one but one day happened to be in a Crate and Barrel and saw one there. It's been my favorite camping coffee maker ever since.

It fits well into the concept of overlanding - going to out of the way places in style and comfort.
Well Bruce I wanted to say thanks but you beat me to the punch. You too Sean for starting the thread.

I wrote a long story about how I ended up buying this Mukka from a very attractive Italian girl who races road bikes and is seeking her PHD in bio-mechanics at UCI. She listed it on Craigslist a long time ago and never sold it. Anyways we had a long chat about Italy, cycling and cappuchinos and I went on my merry way before I could get into any trouble. Did I say she loved my FJ , camping and such? As I was saying I went on my merry way....LOL I stlll have not learned my lesson on these forums and the whole story suddemly disappeared when I touched some random key . Sh@t. Anyway that's my acquisition srory.

I'm sipping on a Cap right now as I hit send and loving the newest addition to the family camping gear.

Take care.

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Re: Creature comforts - coffee?


Post by Willie H » Sat Jul 16, 2011 12:04 am

Some people may turn their noses up at this... but I'm all about the instant Nescafe Tasters Choice French Roast. I put some in a ziplock baggy and toss some Half n' Half on ice. I know I know... INSTANT! I started using this stuff a few years ago since making a full pot of Cafe Vernona was a waste during the week, and pressing takes too long before work. At that time I was still pressing on the weekends... now I drink this stuff all week. To me, it even beats out that Starbucks Via stuff. This Nescafe is on a level all it's own in the world of instant coffee. It's a lot cleaner than using the Jet Boil press too, which I have used a lot in the past too. All I can say is, don't knock it till ya try it.
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