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Campfire Defender - Promo Code


Post by NotAMog » Thu May 18, 2017 6:28 pm

At the Overland Expo last weekend there was a unique new product that I thought would be of interest to OAUSA members and net participants. It is a blanket made from high tech woven glass fabric with a high temperature silicone coating on the outside and an adjustable metal center vent. It is used to cover your campfire in the evening before your go to bed or to protect the fire from rain or wind. It looks like a great idea and certainly adds to the safety of your campfire. If the wind comes up and starts to blow embers around, just cover it up or if it starts to rain, protect the fire with the cover and pull it off when the rain is over. The claim is that you can cover your fire at night, pull the blanket off it in the morning and have a hot fire in minutes from the coals that have been slowly burning.

Covering the campfire does away with the need to put it out with water at night and the associated cloud of ashes that ends of falling all over your gear and vehicle. He has blankets that have been used on over 100 fires that show no significant degradation. They're so new he's still not sure what the absolute lifetime will be.

Here are some pictures of the product -
The Campfire Defender over a Fire
P5131714.JPG (4.69 MiB) Viewed 930 times
The Campfire Defender in it's Storage Bag
P5131715.JPG (3.94 MiB) Viewed 930 times
Closeup of Storage Bag
P5131716.JPG (3.85 MiB) Viewed 930 times

I talked with Mark, the inventor and owner of the company about this product and how it potentially provides a big safety factor for camp fires. I also told him about OAUSA and what our group is about. He offered to extend a special promo discount code to OAUSA members for 40% off the retail price, or $100 off the main Pro Camper Kit. This includes shipping in the lower 48 states. The promo code to use is OAUSA40 .

Here is the website for the company -

The promo code is supposed to be good throughout the summer. I'm assuming this means at least until Labor Day.

I'll be posting a more in-depth report on the Overland Expo sometime this weekend for those who are interested.
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