Got my deflators, now I need a compressor...

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Re: Got my deflators, now I need a compressor...


Post by Chazz Layne » Wed Jul 07, 2010 3:07 pm

jgorm wrote:That's going to be a lot of air, especially if they are big tires!
Big, but not too big. It will never have more than a 33" on it.
Willie H wrote:Also, you can home brew your own res tank set up for less than half the cost.

I'll give you my 2cents on air-lockers too... Go electric or mechanical.
My plan exactly. :mrgreen:

I lean towards the latter two as well. There's those reasons, plus if I do somehow manage to snag the "line" on some brush or something, it is a heck of a lot easier to splice in a temporary wire (from the spare wire I already carry) than an air line.
cruiserlarry wrote:Check out the VIAIR 450C; it will fill tires now, and work with a tank later, while providing 100% duty cycle and a good cfm rate for speed. Dimensional info is available on - so you can make sure it will fit :mrgreen:
That looks like it might just be a perfect fit all around, I'll measure this evening and let ya know. Do you have that unit in stock?
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