Max Trax Sand Ladders - Now at Dirty Parts !!!

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Max Trax Sand Ladders - Now at Dirty Parts !!!


Post by cruiserlarry » Mon Aug 02, 2010 7:48 pm

DIRTY PARTS now carries the MAXTRAX Sand Ladders !!!

MAXTRAX makes vehicle extraction and recovery a simple, one-person task for anybody. Used in a commercial setting, such as by government field staff or by outdoor industries such as mining and exploration, MAXTRAX is an essential tool that saves both time and money.

MAXTRAX was developed to take the place of heavy, cumbersome vehicle extraction equipment. Weighing in at less than 14lb, each, MAXTRAX is easy to carry, maneuver, and extremely simple to use. Yet it’s built for strength and heavy-duty recovery use!

MAXTRAX was designed and manufactured in Australia, and field-tested under the harshest Australian conditions. MAXTRAX is unique piece of vehicle recovery gear for those who enjoy exploring "off the beaten track"

MAXTRAX sand ladders are available in Black or Orange.

Now available at Dirty Parts for only $290 pair


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