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Welcome to OAUSA, LLC


Post by DaveK » Tue Mar 18, 2008 10:37 pm

Welcome to the OAUSA, LLC, Forums. These Forums are meant to foster an appreciation of the great outdoors and help Adventurers enhance this experience. We don't have many rules here but we do need to remind everyone of our guidelines, just so the Forums remain true to our beliefs and goals. When in doubt, use common sense.

1. This website is open to everyone, regardless of the type of vehicle you drive, the degree of skill you have operating your vehicle off-road, or the level of Outdoor Adventure experience you possess.

2. In order to post on the Forums, you must register as a member. Membership to OAUSA, LLC, is free and we welcome all Outdoor Adventurers.

3. This website will be visited by and is intended for Adventurers of all ages and therefore the content of all posts and links must remain free of inappropriate content. Please keep your posts and links family friendly. Adult humor and the like are fine. Use common sense.

4. Please avoid personal attacks against other members. While this is not a political forum, there may be topics where politics or similar issues are legitimate subjects of discussion. We only ask that the discussion remain polite, respectful and restrained. We will not tolerate profanity, pornography, personal attacks, or inappropriate comments or links. Use common sense.

5. People using multiple user names will find all of them disabled.

6. Without becoming too lengthy, we have done our best to delineate the behaviors which we feel are inappropriate. For obvious space considerations, an all encompassing list can not be presented in this post. We reserve the right to implement measures to make sure that this site remains family friendly, true to our goals and beliefs and in the best interests of the membership. All we ask is that everyone use common sense and act reasonably. Please enjoy!

We support responsible Outdoor Adventures and we are working with others who share this philosophy. Check out our Outdoor Adventure Outfitters and their products and services. We offer special thanks to the the Keller Peak Repeater Association, the Fam Comm Repeater Association, and Badlands Offroad Adventures, Inc. We encourage you to check into each of their websites.

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