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Post by DaveK » Wed Mar 19, 2008 11:24 am

Outdoor Adventure USA, LLC, was originally created by “off-roading” enthusiasts who also happened to be licensed Amateur Radio operators (or Ham radio). We discovered that safely enjoying outdoor adventures, (while using a vehicle), seemed to be a perfect marriage with Amateur Radio. For a host of reasons, Ham radio is an indispensable part of enjoying the outdoors, especially in the more remote areas where this adventure is sometimes the best.

We have therefore combined our interests in outdoor adventures with Ham Radio and created this website. The outdoor adventure aspect of this group is, as the name suggests, focused on activities which involve exploring and enjoying the tremendous abundance of great outdoor adventures which exist in the USA. Naturally, a vehicle is necessary to safely get you to the adventure and back and therein lies the underlying focus of this organization. We will obviously focus on safe and responsible use of the land and will host a wide variety of discussions concerning topics such as camping, vehicle preparation and maintenance, cooking, wilderness survival, first aid, Ham Radio (operation, installation and maintenance), photography, firearms, and many others.

We are not a vehicle specific group, but we will discuss specific vehicles from time to time depending on the direction which our adventures take us. Everyone is welcome, no matter what the make of vehicle. Certainly, you will have to assess the capabilities of your vehicle to determine its suitability for certain trips. While many of the adventures which will be discussed require 4 wheel drive, this group is, by no means, 4 wheel drive only. In fact, many of the adventures which you will see on the forum and elsewhere on this site, are quite suitable for 2 wheel drive vehicles.

As you become more familiar with the Forums and the activities which are discussed, it will become evident that Amateur Radio is one of the core interests of our “adventurers” and, as such, this site will strive to include a variety of Amateur Radio topics. We encourage and offer assistance to all those who wish to either become a licensed Amateur Radio operator or who wish to upgrade their status. As you will discover, a Ham Radio is one of the most important safety items which you can carry with you as you explore the great outdoors.

For those who are (or wish to become) licensed Ham Radio operators, we will be hosting a weekly “net” which will be open to anyone with the necessary Ham equipment. This Outdoor Adventure USA, LLC, Net will be an open discussion of the many topics which are of interest to outdoor enthusiasts and will be an opportunity to have a direct conversation with our speakers and ask questions and offer advice and information. The “net" will be open to any licensed Ham or anyone who is under the direct supervision of a licensed Ham. The “net” will be available just about anywhere in the US with the proper connections. A complete discussion of how to participate is covered in the Forums.

We have found that one of the best means to plan outdoor adventures is to either ask others about a specific location or to see what others have done. In that regard, we hope that you will feel free to share your outdoor adventures and engage in discussions on the Forums about what you have discovered.

We intend for this site to become a repository of information and assistance for those who enjoy experiencing the great outdoors and we encourage you to join us.

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