5-lb Wool Blankets as discussed on the net

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5-lb Wool Blankets as discussed on the net


Post by billy714 » Thu Nov 08, 2012 9:06 pm

Dave and Tom mentioned these excellent quality 5lb wool blankets on a recent net. They are becoming rare and are out of stock or no longer available on most websites.

They are in stock as of this posting at: http://www.gr8gear.com/catalog/Bunk-Bed ... n-Officer/

FedEx shipping was a flat $10 to my location in So Cal.

I was impressed enough with these that I ordered a second one.

One point of warning: These blankets have apparently been stored for some time and have a very strong odor of mothballs. I mean strong. They will completely "air out" if left outside for several days. If you decide to wash yours, take it to a coin op. and use Woolite.

Finally, it is probably best not to order any other items with your blanket as the seller may ship it all in the same box, with the smell contaminating your other items.

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