RALPHIE @ Harbor Freight ...you've been spotted!

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RALPHIE @ Harbor Freight ...you've been spotted!


Post by BoBoNel » Mon Dec 01, 2008 8:31 pm

phil was at harbor freight on saturday......pulled up to an FJ and called me,
" hey...theres a titanium fj here all tricked out, rack, ladder, etc" and he started reading off the stickers, .he figured i'd know who the rig belonged to...but i just couldnt figure it out.
he went inside and kept watching...eventually witnessed 2 dudes skipping across the parking lot hand in hand....departing in the titanium FJ. :lol: :D :twisted:

when i was showing phil my pics of our black friday run he said....THERE,,,,GO BACK....THATS THE FJ I SAW. he recognized the skull sticker on the back windshield! (if he had read your sierra club stickers i would have known right away it was you!)

Trail Mom

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