OAUSA Net - October 10. 2019 - Borrego Fest Wrap-Up

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Re: OAUSA Net - October 10. 2019 - Borrego Fest Wrap-Up


Post by Voodoo Blue 57 » Thu Oct 10, 2019 6:12 pm

Early checkin please!

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Re: OAUSA Net - October 10. 2019 - Borrego Fest Wrap-Up


Post by NotAMog » Thu Oct 10, 2019 6:18 pm

Camp Maid

I picked up a new piece of dutch oven kit called a Camp Maid -


It allows you to use your dutch oven in a number of new ways, one of which is the ability to use it upside down. This works particularly well as a pizza oven. Borregofest was the first time I had a chance to try it out.

Here you can see the rig holding the dutch oven upside down. The tray with the red handles holds the briquettes and is adjusted by squeezing the handles and moving it up and down the notched steel rod to adjust the heat. The legs have rubber feet which are pointing up in the picture. They are for when you use it with the oven upright on top. The whole device when folded will fit in a 12" dutch oven. It also comes with another piece which can be used as a grill over the charcoal or as a steamer in the bottom of your oven.

IMG_8396.jpg (1.34 MiB) Viewed 489 times

The picture below is the same setup from a different angle. The grill to the left is a Volcano cooker which was mentioned in a previous net.

IMG_8399.jpg (1.46 MiB) Viewed 489 times

Here is a picture of one of the pizza margaritas that I made for dinner on Friday. The crust is a Boboli mini crust. I wiped the lid with a small amount of olive oil. On top I put canned pizza sauce, pre-grated mozzarella cheese, freshly sliced roma tomatoes, and basil leaves. I think the next size larger Bobli crust would just fit on the lid. Cooking time was approximately 20 minutes.

IMG_8402.jpg (1.43 MiB) Viewed 489 times

Here is another view of the finished pizza. The item to the upper right is a Camp Maid folding charcoal chimney. After years of hauling around a conventional round chimney I finally broke down and got a folding one. This one is a little small but it is designed to fit in a 12" dutch oven for transport.

IMG_8404.jpg (1.39 MiB) Viewed 489 times

Here is another use for the Camp Maid as a warming stand for a dutch oven. I wanted to make sure the BBQ chicken stayed warm and was completely warmed through so I held it in the dutch oven over the charcoal tray on the Camp Maid stand. Once again, you can move the charcoal tray up and down to adjust the heat.

IMG_8413.jpg (1.4 MiB) Viewed 489 times

Sous Vide BBQ Chicken

There is a picture of the BBQ chicken in Tom's post on the previous page. Here is the link to the basic recipe that was used -

https://www.chefsteps.com/activities/th ... pure-magic

My local store was out of packaged legs so I substituted thighs. For a BBQ sauce I used Stubbs Original sauce which is one of my favorites. The chicken was prepared by sealing it in vacuum bags with the sauce from the recipe and cooking them at 160 degrees for 3 hours. The chicken was then cooled in an ice bath. It was prepared ahead of time on Wednesday and kept in the refrigerator until Saturday evening. Finishing consisted of cooking for a few minutes on each side on a very hot grill (the Volcano cooker). The chicken was mopped with the Stubbs BBQ sauce while grilling It was then transferred to the dutch oven to continue to warm and covered with additional BBQ sauce.

There are a number of different sous vide appliances available. The one I use is from Slaiya -

https://sousvideplanet.com/shop-sous-vi ... ro-editon/
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Re: OAUSA Net - October 10. 2019 - Borrego Fest Wrap-Up


Post by VK2DY » Thu Oct 10, 2019 6:47 pm

Good Afternoon,

Early checkin for Robert, VK2DY, Kellyville Ridge, NSW (metro Sydney).

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Re: OAUSA Net - October 10. 2019 - Borrego Fest Wrap-Up


Post by Diesel4x » Thu Oct 10, 2019 7:00 pm

Thanks for early check in, KF6KOC Randy.

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Re: OAUSA Net - October 10. 2019 - Borrego Fest Wrap-Up


Post by KM6OJB » Thu Oct 10, 2019 7:03 pm

This is KM6OJB would you please check me in.

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Re: OAUSA Net - October 10. 2019 - Borrego Fest Wrap-Up


Post by kevinhum55 » Thu Oct 10, 2019 7:27 pm

Early check in



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Re: OAUSA Net - October 10. 2019 - Borrego Fest Wrap-Up


Post by Hmfigueroa » Thu Oct 10, 2019 9:37 pm

Could not check if due to the quickkey,


Kevin, thanks for a well curated selection of sauces.

The California QSO PARTY Was a little difficult due to band conditions and mountain man breakfast and mimosas.

We had a great time with teaching how to program your radio, license testing and off road topics.
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