SummerFest Sign-Ups and Event Planning - June 19, 20, 21

SummerFest planning section.
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SummerFest Sign-Ups and Event Planning - June 19, 20, 21


Post by BruisedFJ » Thu May 07, 2009 1:28 pm

Time to gear up for SummerFest! June 19 is just 2 DAYS away, friends. :D :D :D

ATTENDEES: PLEASE OPEN AND PRINT THE NEW ATTACHMENTS TO THIS THREAD. I will have copies with me as well. It's not fun gettin' all formal on your a**es, but in the long run it will ensure our safety and adequate preparation, which will ensure a great trip.

To try to avoid the heat, we’ll head up the mountain to the Big Pine Flat Equestrian Group Site in Big Bear. If we have overflow, we should take some of the first-come first-served sites in the nearby Big Pine Flat campground. Both sites have bathrooms and water.

For your trip preparation, review Gon2Srf's list in the link below to help ensure you're as prepared as you want to be.

Maps have been added to this thread and the Saturday Run thread. Coordinates to Big Pine Flat are 34° 18' 58.34 N, 117° 00' 52.14 W. Directions are:
Forest Road 3N14 is closed from Hanna Flats to Big Pine Flats (due to fire damage). Access is via 3N09 - Van Dusen Canyon Road - for 4 miles and then west on 3N16 - Holcomb Valley Road - for about 9 miles - a total of about 13 miles of dirt road driving. :D This route is all "Improved Road - Dirt".
Alternatively, if you're coming in from the West through Running Springs and can handle a rougher road, turn North at Camp Wintaka onto Green Valley Lake Road (3932 50). This is a tough turnoff to see, so watch for it after passing the first signs for Running Springs. About 1.5 miles in, take the 3N16 - Holcomb Valley Road (may also be called Crab Flats Road). After about 1.5 more miles, at Crab Flats campground, 3N16 gets rougher (dirt road not suitable for passenger cars) and will lead right into Big Pine.

Adventure Passes:
Last year it was recommended that everyone purchase an Adventure Pass, which may not be necessary, but would be good to have to avoid hassle if you happen to be parked for more than 15 minutes. They are available at Big 5, Sport Chalet, REI, Sports Authority, and Adventure 16 stores.

Yes, OAUSA has been there before, so if there are suggestions to improve upon the last outing to Big Pine Flat, throw them at me.

FIRE! As of 5/21/09, wood fires are allowed in fire rings, which will be available. No wood gathering, so we bring our own (if you're bringing wood, bring a shovel, too.) Of course, camp stoves, barbeques, etc are good to go as well.

Please reply to:
1) confirm your attendance (note number of people)
2) sign up for a pot-luck category (main dish, side dish, dessert, other). Let’s keep the amount of food to no more than 6 servings. 20 dishes x 6 = 120 servings! :shock:
3) suggestions for trail runs. As soon as we have some set trail runs, then we’ll start the sign-up process for them and take trail leaders and tail gunners.

1) BruisedFJ - no guests; Fri and Sat camping; Running CB and ham
2) NotaMog - Fri and Sat camping; Running ham, and CB if necessary
3) SDNative (most likely); Fri and Sat hotel; Running CB, ham, APRS
4) Gon2Srf - 1 guest; Fri camping; Running CB
5) SSC - 1 guest; Fri and Sat hotel; Running CB (and hand signals :lol: )
6) StevesKJ - hotel; Running CB and ham
7) Cruiserlarry - Fri and Sat camping; Running CB, ham, APRS and probably a direct link to NORAD

Maybes, We'll Sees, and Gonna Trys: ;)
ThatsaLexus (and Zoe and Zeus??)
Catherine HB

BruisedFJ - Jim Beam wing sauce over chicken breasts with avocado and cilantro; Jack Daniels and Pear juice; fire wood
NotaMog - side dish
Gon2Srf - Main Dish: Marinated Teriyaki Portobello & Blue Cheese Burgers; Dessert: Apple Cobbler; fire wood

CB Channel: 14
2M Simplex: 147.510
Primary Repeater: 1. Keller Peak 146.385 + 146.2

Other repeaters we may use for runs:
2. Big Bear 147.330 + 131.8 (DO NOT USE FOR THIS EVENT)
3. Table Mtn. 145.280 - 131.8

Item of note: Inland Empire 4 Wheelers will have a massive fest this same weekend. Jeep Thrills in Las Vegas, tagging along with Inland Empire, will have 19 vehicles at least. Rugged Rocks may also be there but I don't know how many vehicles, if any.
Summer Fest Waiver Final Revision.pdf
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Vehicle Inspection Checklist-Fest events.pdf
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Re: SummerFest Sign-Ups and Event Planning


Post by BorregoWrangler » Thu May 07, 2009 11:57 pm

unwiredadventures wrote:What are the dates?
First post. June 19, 20, and 21

I'm posting up as a maybe right now. I'll update later when I know for sure. Yay, SummerFest! :D
-John Graham
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Re: SummerFest Sign-Ups and Event Planning - June 19, 20, 21


Post by NotAMog » Fri May 08, 2009 5:24 pm

I'm planning to be there but it will be conditional on what is going on at work that week.

I'll sign up for a side dish.
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Re: SummerFest Sign-Ups and Event Planning - June 19, 20, 21


Post by OLLIE » Mon May 11, 2009 7:28 pm

I wish I could be there for this. May baby girl is due and June 19th. Decisions, decisions....??? I think I better be there to welcome my little girl into the world if I don't want a divorce... ;)

I hope this turns out to be a great event. I will do all I can to help with the planning stages.

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Re: SummerFest Sign-Ups and Event Planning - June 19, 20, 21


Post by THATSALEXUS? » Fri May 15, 2009 6:56 pm

You can put me down as a maybe also. I'll wait and keep an eye out for what trails people want to run. I'd be interested in one of the more challenging trails. I've never run any of the Big Bear trails but I'd be down for running or gunning John Bull or something similar.

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Re: SummerFest Sign-Ups and Event Planning - June 19, 20, 21


Post by hawkeye » Sun May 17, 2009 11:56 pm

Put me down as a maybe. I will not camp. Ill do ribs.

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Re: SummerFest Sign-Ups and Event Planning - June 19, 20, 21


Post by BruisedFJ » Thu May 21, 2009 9:39 am

I've heard from some of you who didn't notice this thread, so I'm posting up to put it back on the top of the active list.

To those of you who've mentioned to me that you are 'maybes' (I think there are about 8 of you), let's get those permission slips in to your wives and get official sign-off to attend. :lol:

I'll set up 2 runs this weekend and post them, but if you have experience in Big Bear and want to share some awesome areas with your OAUSA bretheren, please post up your ideas in a new thread titled "SummerFest - (name of your run here) Run".
Stoddard (Bruised FJ)


Re: SummerFest Sign-Ups and Event Planning - June 19, 20, 21


Post by sdnative » Sat May 23, 2009 7:44 am

Put me down as a most likely. I'll be coming up for Friday and Saturday and will be staying in a hotel.

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Re: SummerFest Sign-Ups and Event Planning - June 19, 20, 21


Post by gon2srf » Sat May 23, 2009 7:18 pm

Count me in Jon and thanks for organizing this.

2 persons
Camping Friday and Saturday

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Re: SummerFest Sign-Ups and Event Planning - June 19, 20, 21


Post by ssc » Sat May 23, 2009 8:29 pm

Hi All,
The wife and I plan on coming up on Fri and spending the night in a hotel. Looking forward to some great wheeling Fri and Sat and to see everyone.

Take care, SSC
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