2009 BorregoFest Fees

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2009 BorregoFest Fees


Post by OAUSA Board Members » Fri Aug 14, 2009 1:59 pm

Outdoor Adventure USA needs to start charging a small fee to attend our Fest events. The fees will very from event to event based on the type and location of event. We want BorregoFest to remain our annual feature event. It is, after all, the event we are known for.

OAUSA currently has no paying sponsors. We are putting the gears in motion to change the sponsor issue. In the past, OAUSA Fest event fees have been primarily covered by the members of the Board of Directors. We are growing as a site and operating expenses for the site are an ongoing issue. Operating expenses include, but are not limited to, taxes, website hosting fees and service charges, software upgrade fees, Fest event set up fees, M&G set-up fees, sticker, business cards, etc. Those are the items we currently pay for out of our pockets. We need additional funds to get our logo established (hoping to be complete by BorregoFest), shirts printed, etc. With the economy as it is right now we’re sure you all understand that it is difficult for us to bare this burden on our own. Sponsorships and Fest events are what we need to start using to cover these reoccurring costs. We are just touching the tip of the iceberg for what we are trying to do with OAUSA. Ideally we want to start ending the year with enough money in the account to make donations to some of the organizations that support our goals and hobbies so our children and grandchildren can still have the opportunity to experience the wonderful things we have experienced. With that being said, from this event forward we will charge for sanctioned Fest events so we can start to cover our costs and continue to build a bigger and better OAUSA family.

The fee for the 2009 BorregoFest event are per vehicle and include:
-Spot in group campsite for both nights.
-1 T-Shirt
-1 Sticker (given to you after your vehicle safety inspection)
NOTE: Additional shirts will available for $15.00/shirt in advance and $18.00/shirt at the event.

$55.00 -in advance
$65.00 -for a “drop-in” (Showing up without notice.)

(Spot includes full hook-ups and price includes a spot for one 4x4 near the group campsite. First come first serve until spots are full.)
-Drop-Ins are on their own to find a spot for RVs.
-If you are showing up with an RV and more than one rig/vehicle please PM OLLIE for arrangements and fees.

Payments will be taken via the “Donate” button at the bottom of any page on the OAUSA website. Once payment has been received, “CONFIRMED” will be posted next to your name on the “Sign Up Roster”. The campsite thread will be up tonight or by the end of the day tomorrow at the latest. It is not Palm Canyon Campground. For other payment arrangements PM OLLIE and something can be worked out. Fees are refundable up to 14 days prior to the event.
Every Thursday night at 7:30pm PST

146.385+ PL: 146.2 Keller Peak (Echolink Equipped)
146.610- PL: 103.5 Sierra Peak
445.760- PL: 156.7 Sierra Peak


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