Here is what I have for Sale or Trade

Post up your for sale or trade items here.
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Here is what I have for Sale or Trade


Post by Mike » Sun Mar 08, 2015 12:48 pm


Just in Case you would like to do some Trading
Here is what I have for Sale or Trade

Thank You

Sporting Goods

Alpen Optics 60% off Gift Coupon of the Manufacture's Suggested Retail Price
Compound Bow Wood Construction
Martin Bow 62-45 Recurve Sage Samick
BlackHawk Serpa Auto Lock Holster
Safariland Basketweave Duty Holster Right & Left Handfor Glock 17/22
Smith & Wesson Revolver Wooden Handgrips
Vintage Sturm Ruger Wooden Grips
Davis P-380 New Wooden Grips
Davis P-380 New Black Grips
1-22-Long Rifle Magazine
1-Smith & Wesson SW-380 Magazine 6-Rounds
1-Johnson 22-Long Rifle Magazine
2-Brand New Ruger Mini-14 Factory Magazine 5-Rounds 223 / 5.56
1-Remington 870 Trigger Plate Assembly
RCBS 38-Special Die
RCBS 45-ACP Die 25-ACP Brass Only Primers Removed and Polished
380-Auto Brass Only Primers Removed and Polished
9-mm Brass Only Primers Removed and Polished
38-Special brass with Primers
357-Sig Brass Only
10-mm Brass Primers Removed and Cleaned
40 S&W Brass Primers Removed and Polished
223 Brass Only Primers Removed and Polished
45-ACP brass with New Primers
45-ACP Brass De-Primer and Polished
30-06 Reloading Brass Primers Removed and Polished
25-06 Reloading Brass with Primers
Browning Cloth Belt for 1919 Holds 250 Rounds of 30/30 Cal
4-Used Pocket Knifes
25-Piece Appalachian Trail Multipurpose Tool Set
(NEW IN THE BOX) Smithe & Wesson 3-Knives Set with Pouch & Box Campfire Set
(NEW IN THE BOX) Gerber 46009 L.S.T. Drop Point, Fine Edge Knife
Pocket Knifes
4-Tennis Rackets,


Adding Machine
594 Baseball Cards.
Martin Gas and Oil Patches
Vintage 1960s Original ESSO EXXON Tiger Patch


Movado Men's Wrist Watch
Marc Ecko Men's Wrist Watch

Novelty Phones ~ Famous Character

Ronald McDonald, Sitting Telephone
Black Candlestick Rotary Telephone (New in the Box)

Southern Pacific and Union Pacific Railroad Items

Hand tools

(NEW IN THE BOX) Gerber 46009 L.S.T. Drop Point, Fine Edge Knife
Mini-Maglite AA-Flashlights with Holster (New)
Lineman Hand Tools
Telephone Line Tester (NEW)
Lineman Climbing Belt
PHD Telecommunicator by Ziad
Auto Emergency Tool with Digital Tire Gauge and LED Light

Auto Parts

4-Master Craft Courser MSR Snow Tire’s with Studs 225 / 70 R 16
2-Tires Just Like New 195 / 65 R 15 on Rims
Stage 2 Power Control Modules by JET Performance (NEW)
Mercedes Grill Badge Emblem Genuine Insignia Star Logo
Ford Pinto Emblem Original Great Condition
Original Honda Gas Tank Emblem


17-(New in the Box) 5 ¼ Scotch Floppy Disk 10-Pack with Head Cleaning Kit

Apple Computers

5 1/4 Drives Drives,
Apple A9M0306 Thermal Transfer Printer with Paper Tray & Manuel
Apple Software
Certificate Maker Apple II+ IIe IIc
Software Dispatch Mac
The Last Ninja IIe IIc
T-Shirt Maker IIe IIc
Times of Lore II+ C E GS
Dazle Draw Copy
Age of Adventure II+ IIe IIc
Pirates Copy
3-Print Shop Companion II+ IIe IIc
Platoon Copy
2-The Newsroom II+ IIe IIc
The Newsroom Clip Art Collection II+ IIe IIc
Sports Spectacular
1. Baseball
2. Football
3. Golf
4. Bowling II Series
Networker Communication Software
Scotch Trial Size Head Cleaning Kit


Certificate Maker Manuel
Word star
Tales of the Unknow Volume 1 the Bard's Tale Clue Book
Bard's Tale Book
Beagle Bros Apple Software Catalog
The Movie Monster Games
Thunderclock Plus
Apple II Apple Mouse II User's Manual
Dollars and Sense User Manual IIc
Realm of Impossibility
Apple II User's Guide for Apple II Plus and Apple IIe
Apple Works Made Easy
Computer Software Service 1982 Catalog Book
Computer Software Service 1983 Catalog Book
Computer Software Service 1986 Catalog Book
Computer Software Service 1986/1987 Catalog Book
Computer Software Service 1987 Catalog Book
Computer Software Service 1987/1988 Catalog Book
Apple Software 1984 Book
The Book of Apple Software 6th Edition Book
Apple Music Lear to Write & Play Music Book
DMC Leader in Software for the Security Industry Book
4th Edition Easy DOS it Book
The Easy Way Series Hard Easy DOS it Book
The News Room Manuel
Computer Programmed Accountant Module #5 Property Management Manuel
Interfacing the Apricorn Serial Interface to the Apple ImageWriter Printer Manuel
Claris Apple works Quick Reference Card
AE Applied EngineeringAW2 Expander Manuel
AE Applied Engineering Ram factor User Manual
Practical Multifunction 1200 Instruction Manual
Nibble Magazine May 1989
Nibble Magazine Feb 1988
Master Forms for your Copier Book
Hyper Card User Guide Book
Microsoft Works Lesson guide Book
Microsoft Works Quick Reference Guide Book
Apple Works Reference Manuel Big Book


Rare Old Apple Quick Take 100 Digital Camera
Vintage Kodak Brownie Star Flex Outfit with Flasholder and Original Box
Minolta Sightseer 35mm Camera,
Pantax 35mm Camera with Flash & Case & Operating Manual,
Kodak EK-6 Instant Camera, Polaroid Knockoff,
Kodak Tele.Instamatic Camera Model# 608,
Keystone Pocket Ever flash use 110 film,
Lavec TC-305 Camera 35mm (New in the Box),
Vivitar Tele-835 AW 24mm 1.56 / 48mm 1.56 Tele Lens use 110 film
Sylvania Video Camera with power supply and cables,
Nikon Nuvis A-20 Camera,
Genuine Original Samsung Products
1-Digital Video Camcorder SCD23/D24 Owner’s Instruction Book
1-Samsung CD Software DV Media Pro 2.2 for Windows 2000, XP, Vista
3-Samsung Lithium Ion battery Pack 2-Used and 1-New Lithium Ion battery Pack
AD43-00070A Model# SB-L110
7.4 Volts 1100 MAH
2-Samsung AC Power Adapter AD44-00065A
2-Samsung AC Power Cord AD39-00076A
AA-E7 Input AC 100-240 V 50/60Hz 20W
Output 8.4V 1.5A
1-Samsung Shoulder Strap AD63-00202B
2-Samsung Audio / Video Cable AD39-00001A
VHS Tapes
Bata Tapes
Vintage Sanyo Beta Cord Video Cassette Recorder


Might Mite Power Light with Halogen DE 35 Watts Bulb
Rechargeable Spot Light 1,000,000 Candle Power Quartz Halogen Bulb
3-Million Candle Power Spot Light with 9” Lens
Freeplay Self Powered Lantern
Vintage Sanyo AM/FM Tuner Pack Stereo
2-Used i-Pod 30-GB
New in the Box by Jet Performance Modules
Kingston 8-GB Pen Drive (New in the Box)
Bird Ham-Mate 4354 VHF Wattmeter
Vintage Hallicrafters Tube Type Short Wave Receiver
Vintage Heathkit model IM-13 Vacuum Tube Voltmeter or VTVM
Ham Equipment-HTX-404 440 Mhz 70 CM UHF FM Transceiver
Ham Equipment-Used FB1-13 Antenna
21-Hand-Held Microphones
Amplified Dyanmic Microphone Daytron A/C or D/C Portable B&W T.V.
Satellite Receiver and Actuator unit
AMBICO The AV Maestro Video Enhancer/Stereo Audio Mixer
Audiovox FM Converter
4-Used AUDIOVOX Portable Handheld Units and Charger Units
Vintage SANYO Tuner Pack AM/FM Stereo Tuning Cassette
1- Bendix King Radio for Fire Missing Battery and Antenna
5- Motorola MT-500 Radio Missing Antenna
2- Motorola HT-90 Radio Missing Antenna
5- Motorola NTN-1172-A
1- Motorola NTN-1174-A
5- Motorola NTN-1176-A
5- Motorola HTN-9042-A
1- Motorola Rapid Charger NTN-4569-B
1- Motorola NLN-7646-A
1- Motorola MTX 800 has 1-channel with Chargers
1- Motorola MTX 900 has 6-channels with Chargers
3- Ericson Battery 7.5 Nickel Cadmium
Police or Security Basket Weave Belt Items
15- HT Radio Holders
13- Other Holders Keys Holders, Pepper Spray Holders, Baton Holders

Household Items

New in the Box California King Water Bed and Heater
12-Pc Professional TITANIUM PRO Steel Knife Set with Wooden Block
Large Suitcases with Wheels, Locking Combo and Keys
Polar Care 500 Motorized Cold Therapy
Dirt Devil Power Stick 5.0 Vacuum with bonus Floor Tools
White Halogen Floor Lamp
Telephone Line Tester (NEW)
New In the Box (2) 2-Line Telephone System by GTE
Amplified Telephone System by WILLIAMS SOUND Tele-talker

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