How to use Echolink?

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How to use Echolink?


Post by sdnative » Tue Apr 28, 2009 10:58 am

Maybe it is already described somewhere, but I must have missed it.

How do I use Echolink to listen to the Thursday night nets? I have downloaded, installed and validated my call on the Echolink program.

How do I connect to the repeater? Do I need a special microphone / speakers?

I can usually hit Keller fine from my house, but occasionally there are issues and I would like some options.


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Re: How to use Echolink?


Post by OLLIE » Tue Apr 28, 2009 3:40 pm

Any microphone/headset setup will work for echolink. I have found that the best for quality opn both ends (TX/RX) are the USB setups though. The other thing to do is setup your computer. There are instructions for setting up your computer for echolink on the echolink website. I had to configure another port as expplained in the echolink help file. You may be famialiar with this jargain but it does do very nicely at walking you through the setup process. I have also attached the PDF of the Echolink setup and user's guide.


Firewall and Router Issues
A firewall is a system that isolates your computer from the Internet, usually for security reasons. A firewall helps prevent unauthorized access to your computer from other people on the Internet. A firewall can be implemented using software on your computer (such as ZoneAlarm), or with an outboard hardware device such as a router.

A router (as used in the home) is a device which allows more than one computer to communicate over a single connection, such as a connection to the Internet. Routers have become more common in homes as home networks and high-speed connections, such as cable or DSL, have become more popular. Typically, cable companies and DSL service providers allocate only one Internet address to an entire household, in which there may be several computers. The router must decide which computer should receive each packet of data which comes in from the Internet.

Using Firewalls and Routers with EchoLink
Firewalls are usually configured to allow your computer to make requests anywhere on the Internet, and receive replies. Some programs, however, must be able to accept unsolicited data from the Internet. EchoLink is an example of such a program. When you are connected to another station using EchoLink, you and the other station take turns sending data to each other, so each station's PC must be able to receive data without having requested it.

The protocol for this type of exchange is called UDP, or User Datagram Protocol. If you are using a firewall or router to connect to the Internet, you will probably need to configure it to accept UDP information on specific ports. (A port is part of an address.)

EchoLink uses UDP ports 5198 and 5199. To use EchoLink, you must configure your router to direct all incoming data on these two ports to the PC on which EchoLink is installed. Typically, there are two ways to configure this:

Forwarding. Most routers allow data on specific ports to be "forwarded" to specific computers. If you expect to use EchoLink on only one PC, configure your router to forward UDP ports 5198 and 5199 to that computer.
Port triggering. Some routers implement a "smart" forwarding scheme which tries to direct data to the computer which is most likely to use it, based on requests each computer has recently made. If you expect to use EchoLink any of several different computers at different times, you may wish to try this option. Configure the router to direct ports 5198 and 5199 to any computer which makes outbound requests over UDP ports 5198 or 5199, or TCP port 5200.
EchoLink also uses TCP port 5200. Most routers will handle these requests correctly, since EchoLink always initiates them from the local computer. If you are using firewall software, however, you may need to "open up" outbound connections to this port. (EchoLink does not use TCP for incoming connections.)

Routers and firewalls are manufactured by many different companies, and each has its own peculiar set of instructions for configuration. Some newer DSL modems have routing or firewalling features built in. For details on how to configure your router or firewall, consult the documentation that came with your device, or the company's Web site.

For more information, including step-by-step solutions for several popular routers and firewalls, see the Firewall Solutions page on the EchoLink Web site.
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Re: How to use Echolink?


Post by sdnative » Tue Apr 28, 2009 6:09 pm

Thanks Ollie. I got all of that figured out, I just need to know if there is a specific user id I should be looking for or do I just search for the Keller Peak repeater?

EDIT: I found it. The station is KE6TZG-R with a description of KPRA.
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Re: How to use Echolink?


Post by BlueFJ » Tue Apr 28, 2009 6:15 pm

Just search for the Keller Peak Repeater...

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Re: How to use Echolink?


Post by sandy.pend » Fri May 14, 2010 1:48 am

I am also interested about Echolink. :)
replica rolex is another wonder.

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Re: How to use Echolink?


Post by DennisDawg » Fri May 14, 2010 8:52 am

sandy.pend wrote:I am also interested about Echolink. :)
All you need to know if here:

Basically download, install, validate your call sign, set up you router if needed, and then you are ready to go from your PC.
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Re: How to use Echolink?


Post by Willie H » Sat May 15, 2010 1:23 pm

If you are on an Apple, there is an application called Echomac that works great. There is also a free iPhone app for Echolink. I use both on a regular basis to talk to my buddy in Illinois (KC9RZS he's the guy checking in from Peoria, Il on Thursday's nets). When I use the iMac at home, I use a M-audio moblepre USB, with a Sure SM-58 microphone. I just plug headphones into the moblepre and jabber away. On the iMac you can use the built in microphone if you want too though. On the iPhone, I use the head-set the phone came with. KC9RZS checks in with his iPhone and a bluetooth hands free.
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Re: How to use Echolink?


Post by Cammo » Fri Aug 06, 2010 6:13 pm

I tried to log in to last nights Net, the stat list said "Busy"; was I just too late?

I'm connected now (listening only, no mic yet), who is "Dennis"?

Just out of curiosity, is echolink connected to the repeater directly or through VOX?

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Re: How to use Echolink?


Post by DaveK » Fri Aug 06, 2010 7:27 pm

Cammo wrote:I tried to log in to last nights Net, the stat list said "Busy"; was I just too late?

I'm connected now (listening only, no mic yet), who is "Dennis"?

Just out of curiosity, is echolink connected to the repeater directly or through VOX?


Dennis is the owner/operator of Keller. I'm not sure what the busy message was all about. We run echolink for the nets, just so we can see who is logged in. When we know who is on, we usually give them more time to respond and if their equipment isn't working, (usually their mic) they can text us to check-in as opposed to a voice check-in.

On the last net, there were only two echolink listeners, KI6FHA and K6DTK. If you tried to log in through echolink between 7:30PM and 9:00PM, you should have been able to hear the net.

I'm not sure what you mean by a VOX connection.

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Re: How to use Echolink?


Post by Cammo » Fri Aug 06, 2010 8:28 pm

I was reading the echolink manual. It says you can connect the PC running echolink that is connected to the repeater (the control PC, not mine) either remotely using VOX, or directly through a serial port to control xmit. I was just curious how it's connected.

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